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"I have known Tom for over 35 years and have seen him take the lead in industry legal and legislative matters ranging from personal injury to wrongful death claims and from technical appeals to Federal anti-trust suits.  Tom would be a huge asset in SEMA's fight for the RPM Act."

—Cary J.C. Agajanian

 Famed motorsports attorney, promoter and racecar owner

"Tom Deery is highly regarded across motorsports disciplines.  His experience, perspective, integrity and commitment would serve the SEMA membership well."

Steve O'Donnell

EVP, Chief Racing Development Officer at NASCAR

"SEMA would benefit from a perspective closer to the end user.  Tom Deery’s years on the ground with race fans and competitors alike would benefit everyone involved in our industry."

—Jody Groce

Wheel Pros. Co-CEO

"Our team has worked hand in hand with Tom Deery for over 10 years, and his approach epitomizes the spirit of partnership.  Not only would Tom be an amazing advocate for the motorsports side of SEMA's membership, but SEMA would be gaining a true partner."

Marcus Smith

Speedway Motorsports, Inc. President and CEO

"It is time for SEMA and its manufacturers to emphasize that motorsports is a critical part of the automotive aftermarket. It is time for us to come together and put a candidate like Tom on the Board of Directors. At Cometic we support the people that support the sport, and we support Tom Deery."

—Bob Gorman

Cometic Gasket CEO/Owner

"Tom Deery is one the most important people in grassroots motorsports. His tireless efforts thru the years have been inspirational to everyone. Highly respected from the pits to the grandstands to the sponsorship table to the boardroom, familiar with all forms of motorsports, he has the complete took kit and knows what makes it work. Tom stays true to its legacy and leads with a vision."

—Tim Frost

 National Speedway Directory Publisher

“The racing industry needs leaders on the SEMA Board that understand the challenges currently impacting motorsports. Tom Deery was born into a legendary racing family and has worked in motorsports on every level imaginable. He is the right choice to represent the motorsports industry on the SEMA Board.”

—Ralph Sheheen


"The Board needs a racing person on board, and Tom Deery knows racing — the on the track, the business side, the risk side — especially the grass roots side. He’s seen it all from his family track in Illinois to the big office at NASCAR."

Kenny Wallace

NASCAR and Dirt Racing Star

"As a SEMA member company we at Craftsman take pride in our motorsports heritage and deep relationship with the auto enthusiast community. We are honored to lend our fullest support to Tom Deery's candidacy and know that he would be a fantastic advocate for the industry."

—Peter Boutros

 Craftsman CMO and Head of International

"I am proud of Tom and know he would be very valuable to the industry as it's know, and would help lead and further unify it though the visionary outlook he has always projected. Having worked with and known him for 20 or so years I can say without any trepidation he is genuinely a person that leads through and by example."

Edward "Buck" Parker

NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame

"Tom Deery is a great choice for the SEMA Board of Directors. The University has worked with Tom on multiple fronts from events to student support for many years. We have counted on his positive and creative leadership and know the members of SEMA will benefit."

—Dr. Jeff A. Jarvis

UNOH President